Friday, December 20, 2013

From The Beginning by Cheyne

From The Beginning by Cheyne - 95 pages
This story is my Uberization, based on the 1951 screenplay, The Day The Earth Stood Still, by Edmund H. North (which is based on the novel, Farewell To The Master, by Harry Bates). No money is being made from this project and no copyright infringement intended.

I always wanted to see this film remade with Klaatu as a female. I initially (many years ago) thought Sigourney Weaver would have made an excellent Klaatu (even if they changed the “Helen” character to male).  Instead, TPTB remade this classic with Keanu Reeves. I love KR but the remake, IMHO, completely missed the message of and couldn’t hold a candle to the original.
Anyway, here is my effort to retell the original story with two of our favorite women in the pivotal roles.

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