Friday, September 27, 2013

My 'Xena' Collection 4 by Phineas Redux

My 'Xena' Collection 4. Postcards, Magazines, Videos, DVD's

Once you start collecting in one line or other, no matter what it may be, you suddenly find that you must have every available instance of a particular item’s incarnation. Notwithstanding you have bought the video-tape of an episode, when the DVD comes on the market you simply can’t live without it. This is what occurred with me. Over the course of a couple of years I bought four of the ‘Xena’ series on video-tape; then, when the DVD’s started to replace them, I couldn’t stop myself from upgrading. So now I have four of the complete series on both old video-tapes and new DVD’s. The postcards came as free extra’s.

So, due to popular demand (I’ve always wanted to say that!), I now upload images of further examples of my collection of the official ‘Xena Magazine’ plus samples of the video-tapes and DVD’s I have amassed over the years. First we begin with a few extra postcards I found in a dusty drawer.

Here are several covers of the official ‘Xena’ magazine. It ran from November 1999 till October 2001 with 24 issues, of which I missed a couple. I uploaded those featuring Gabrielle on the covers in an earlier article. The remainder appear to mainly feature Xena, of which the following are a selection—

The video-tapes of series 1 came out singly over a long period of time, from about 1999 till 2000, eventually numbering 8 videos. Their covers exclusively featured Xena alone, except for one where she partnered Hercules—

The video-tape box-sets of the later series came out around 2002 onwards, with months elapsing between the publication of the first box and the second box concluding the series.

Then, of course, came the DVD’s, from around 2004 onwards—

Ah, grand times. I still recall the nervous wait for a particular set of DVD’s; then going to Glasgow to buy them; then the wonderful moment when I arrived back home and could put the player on for a feast of enjoyment. Wonderful!

In the next, forthcoming, selection I will give some images of the contents of these magazines to show what their style was like; upload the remainder of the covers; and show more of my videos & DVD's.

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