Friday, September 13, 2013

My Xena Collection Part 2 by Phineas Redux

My 'Xena' Collection 2. Magazines

I have quite a small amount of books or magazines relating to ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’, when all is said and done. Around 22 of a 24 copy run of the official ‘Xena; Warrior Princess’ magazine, dating from November 1999 - October 2001. A single paperback original novel, and one reference book—which unfortunately only goes as far as Series 3 and ‘The Bitter Suite’. That pretty much is it. Of course, this does not include all the story texts and articles I have read and down-loaded from the internet over the years.

First up is the Official ‘Xena; Warrior Princess’ magazine. It was late on the British scene, so I was reading in it each month about episodes which were destined never to be shown on British TV. I’m still not sure if series 5 & 6 were ever shown here, at least in their entirety.

Many of the official magazines were published with differing front covers; so you could often buy an issue with either a ‘Xena’ or a ‘Gabrielle’ cover. I tended to favour the Gabrielle covers. Here are images of the first and last editions of the magazine, with several intervening issues. Also, in the 3rd photo, are DVD’s of another well-known TV series featuring an actress we all know—

First issue—

Last issue—

Intervening issues, with ‘Spartacus’ DVD’s— 

Various other magazines of the time, circa 2000-2001, also published photos and articles about the series. Here are three.—

Here is my one and only reference book dealing with the series, published as far back as 1998. —

I also bought one of the official in-house novels, but wasn’t taken enough with it to continue buying others —

So that completes my ‘Xena’ library. These, with the DVD’s of the show, are my personal collection of material. This does not take into account the fan-fiction available on the internet, which is also a large interest of mine. All in all I’m battling on quite comfortably with what I have to hand, thanks. Now all I need do is await the Blu-ray editions of the show, plus wait for the Library of America to publish several volumes of the collected ‘Xena; Warrior Princess’ fan-fiction.

I wonder how long that will take?  :)

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