Sunday, September 15, 2013

My 'Xena' Collection Part 3 by Phineas Redux

My 'Xena' Collection 3. Magazines & Postcards

I thought I would upload further copies of my 22 issue collection of the Official ‘Xena’ Magazine from 2000. I also started buying the early videos just after that time. The videos came pre-packed with free postcard sized photos, of which I have kept a selection. So we start with the postcards—

The Official ‘Xena’ Magazine ran to 24 issues—of which I seem to have managed to collect 22. They all date from late 1999 through 2000, to late 2001. The magazines were printed and published here in Britain, but under licence from Universal Studio’s. So all the photos in the magazine were from the official files. I fancy several of the text articles in the magazine were also produced in-house in America and re-printed here. Towards the last few months of publication original photos seemed to have become harder to find; the magazine publishing several which had already appeared in months gone by. In the January 2000 issue there was an editorial, part of which ran ‘This will be down to the photograph situation we told you about some months ago. Until new stars of the show have signed the rights for us to use their pictures, we aren’t able to use shots of them in which they are recognisable.’ Then there came a strange moment when, although the event had been covered in the magazine including photos of several of the other stars of the show, the editor had to print an apology for not showing photos of Lucy or Renee at the ‘Xena’ Wrap Convention in Pasadena, as the magazine couldn’t gain publication authority from the two main stars in time for the magazine’s print run. Then came a few articles from the editor saying what wonderful things would appear in the magazine as it ran on past the ending of the TV series 6. A month after which, suddenly, a message was printed that the magazine was, in fact, shutting down; only a few months after the end of the TV series. And that was that.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the magazines and postcards I’ve managed to keep in my collection for, goodness me, thirteen years!

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