Monday, August 19, 2013

A Short Q&A With GS Binkley

                                                                                     GS BINKLEY

1. Why did you start writing?
I always 'knew' I would write. Just something inside me and story lines or scenes or characters would come to me to tell their story.

It was an amazing advantage to have the fan forum of stories, writers and especially readers for my stories.

2. If you had to do it all over again would you still write?

3. Once you’ve written a story do you ever sit down and read it for enjoyment?
I do at times. Mostly though I take a 'vacation' from a completed story and then read it. It helps me have a different perspective.

4. How did you start writing Xena fan fiction?
Technically, I never wrote “Xena” stories… I wrote Uber stories but it started by watching the show ‘Xena’ and reading fan fiction of that show. I had written other stories long before and wrote, produced and directed an one-act play.

5. Is your muse a constant companion, or does it abandon you for long periods of time?
My Muse?  As I said, it's the characters, scenes and story lines that drive me to write.  If I had a muse, it would never abandon me nor I my muse.

6. How do you feel about sequels?
Love them, if they are good. And it goes the other way if not.

7. Is writing a quiet thing for you, where there can't be any noise or conversation going on?
I write alone. I usually don't have anything on as background unless a song drives the scene. If there are noises, I am too focused to notice much.

8. Do you prefer to write/read romance, angst, horror etc, etc?
Prefer comedy, romance, action, western, murder mystery.  No horror.   Yet, I did recently write, produce and direct a zombie movie with my young nieces and nephews in it. Lol. I promised them so.... It had to be done.

9. What usually sparks a story idea for you?
A character. A scene. A storyline. A title. Something out of the blue.

10. Where do your ideas come from?
From wherever they are at the moment!

11. What advice can you give to future writers?
Write for yourself, no one else!  And write write write and keep writing.  My advice ‘love what you do and do what you love!’

Also, read as much as you can from others. Fan fiction was a wonderful place to see what works and what misses.  I commend all those who write and share their stories... For me, I got a chance to see what worked for me and helped me.

12. What has the show Xena meant to you?
It gave me opportunities to ‘meet’ new people and learn about myself.

13. How do you feel about the way it ended?
Lol. Really? Finally, I get asked that question? Cool!  Here goes....If they insisted that Xena die, then it should have been Gabrielle that made that decision… not Xena. Because Xena proved she would do anything for Gabrielle. And if Gabrielle were to have the choice between spending the present lifetime with Xena or all future lifetimes with her, Gabrielle (in my opinion) would have let Xena die in this lifetime to spend eternity with her.

The whole storyline was lame.  ‘A Friend in Need’?  Who was the friend? ‘She’ was no friend I would ever want.

Lots of people thought it was ‘cool’ that Xena died a warrior’s death…. Really?  A warrior, in my opinion, would not go out there and commit basically suicide… yes, suicide…. Xena was smarter than that… she and Gabrielle would have found another way.  The writer’s (producer) never did give Xena and Gabrielle the credit they deserved.

Why the writers felt Xena was accountable for the death of all those people was absolutely without basis… yes, she helped start the fire…but it was the ‘agitators’ that pushed her…she was drunk and in pain…not wanting to harm anyone… they… the ‘agitators’ were responsible.  Not Xena… poor motivation on the writer’s part.

I believe ‘they’ missed a huge opportunity… I guess the producer thought that killing off the main character was the greatest thing ever and never been done… BUT it was lame. That took the easy way, the real way that would have taken COURAGE… was to embrace what they have become to each other.  Now that… would have set the world on fire.

Oh well, they didn’t ask me for my opinion on this but should have asked someone in the Xena Fan Kingdom… it would have been a better story, I’m sure!

14. How real are your characters to you?
Very! They do what they want and are in control. I once wanted to write a scene differently because the character was making a huge mistake that would change his life and lose his family but... He wouldn't let me. He had his way and several years later I realized from him why it went as it did.

15. Do your characters speak to you?
Are you kidding? Lol  They are always talking to me and nudging me on… I get to ask them lots of questions, too.

16. Are you in control of your story, or do the characters run the show?
The characters definitely run the show…. As it should be.

17. How would you feel about another writer giving one of your characters a cameo in their story?
Depends… on the writer and the story and how they depict the character.

18. Has online writing changed your life in any way?
Yes, I get immediate feedback which allows me the opportunity to learn.

19. Have you ever been stalked on the internet by an overzealous fan?
No. Everyone I have ever interacted with was amazing, kind and generous.

20. Which one of your online stories is your favorite?
The one I am invested in the most is my series, ‘The Woman I Love’. It was my first adventure in online writing and I hold it dear to my heart because I put some of myself in that story.

21. Do you have to do a lot of rewrites?
First, I come up with ideas, scenes and a basic outline… that has evolved. Then I get to what I call the ‘hardcore’ writing where I sit and write (but do not edit at all as it stops the flow) then when finished, I read it over.  I have family members help with the overall storyline, continuity and editing.

22. Is there ever a point in your writing where you get stuck each and every time? How do you get out of it?

23. Which part of the writing process do you enjoy the most and why?
The initial concept which comes to me whenever it chooses. That begins it all and from there I am hooked and need to follow through with the story as the characters let me.

24. When you're working on a story are you obsessed with it until it's done?
It's pretty much always on my mind. I wouldn't say obsessed.

25. Who are your favorite top five writers? Online or published.

Lloyd C. Douglass 'Doctor Hudson's Secret Journal'

The Bible

Dan Brown… all of his books

Online: Radcliffe and LJ Maas

26. The song says "Who rules the world? Girls." If that were true would the world be a better place?
To me, it's not the gender that determines what kind of place we live in. It's honest, kind, hardworking people with integrity.  Not age, gender, etc.  

27. Do you write a story straight through, or do you write in pieces, then put it all together.
When I actually sit down to write ‘hardcore’ writing, it is straight through.

28. Do you read books for pleasure while you are writing?
No, much too busy focusing on the story and what the characters are telling me to write.

29. Do you have a favorite Greek God?

30. Do you have a pet peeve?
Not putting the remote back where it belongs. lol

31. Have you created a character that you would like to meet?
Yes, Dash Grayson. He was the one who insisted upon writing the story his way. I learned a lot from that character.

32. What do you see yourself doing in the future?
Becoming the best person I can…. It’s not about the ‘job’ for me, it’s about how I treat others and what I can bring to this world that makes it a better place. On my deathbed, I will not be listing my ‘achievements’, I will be appreciating those around me that loved me and I them.

33. What is your favorite word?

34. What is your least favorite word?

35. What turns you on?
Turns me on? That could be taken in many ways…but I will say a ‘smile’ from my little one year niece.  Now that is beautiful.

36. What turns you off?

37. What sound or noise do you love?
The sound of water in almost any form.

38. What sound or noise do you hate?
Someone who is always complaining.

39. What is your favorite curse word?

40. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
I'd paint abstracts and make movies.

41. What profession would you absolutely not like to participate in?
Politics… too many traps.

42. If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Of course Heaven exists. God would say, "Welcome back, what did you learn while you were away?"

Here is G. S. Binkley's favorite story:
The Woman I Love Series

The Woman I Love - 110 Pages
A beautiful television star on vacation with her family who meets a writer who in turn challenges and changes her life forever as she finds true love in a cabin on the lake.

A Woman Like You - 126 Pages
Sequel to The Woman I Love continues with Lacy Levine, the actress, making a movie with the dashing Koda Kannon and Gage meets her partner's family. Unsteadily, Gage enters Lacy's tinseltown world as their relationship faces a turbulent sea of social stigma plus work and family concerns while several jealous storms rise. Lacy and Gage ride this rocky boat with Dani, Derek and the birth of the star's third child all the while holding steadfastly together.

Here Comes My Woman - 164 Pages
This sequel to A Woman Like You, continues on with the lives of Lacy and Gage a few years later as the writer reveals more about her dark past. The dynamic duo work together on a movie while raising their family and someone from Gage's past makes an unexpected appearance.

Here Comes My Wife-Epilogue - 32 Pages
The Epilogue continues seven months after Hayley is born. The Ballant clan tries to cope with the newest member of their family as Lacy and Gage continue their lives together. Gage’s mother reveals why she abandoned her daughter.

A Woman In Love - 133 Pages
A Woman In Love is the fourth story in the Woman I Love series and continues on with the lives of Lacy and Gage a couple years later as the writer finally confronts all of her past. A previous relationship is revealed that threatens Lacy and Gage’s union and one of their children experiences behavioral problems.


  1. W i L is one of my favourite stories, looking forward to reading more of Gage, Lacy and family.
    Interesting Q&A GSB. Thank you................

  2. Hi GS. I just reread the Gage and Lacy saga. I hope you will be adding to the series. Thank you so much for sharing you stories.