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Gabrielle: Fashion Icon

Throughout the course of the series, Gabrielle has a total of 7 regular costumes which become smaller, more conducive to her fighting style as the show progresses and more showing what the fans call "Fab Gab Abs" (Fabulous Gabrielle's Abdominals).

Gabrielle's first costume consists of her peasant clothes from her home village, which includes a light blue shirt, long red skirt and dark blue jacket. Gabrielle's hair is always tied back when wearing this. The outfit makes its final (regular) appearance in the tenth episode of the first season, Hooves and Harlots. It is briefly seen during the second season episode "Remember Nothing" due to the re-use of video footage from the first season.
                                                              Gabrielle: The Amazon Princess

Gabrielle's second costume is a slight variation of the Amazon Princess tube top that makes a one time appearance when she is made Princess of the Amazons, and is used for the remainder of the first season. The costume features dark brown leather boots, a brown shirt with an exposed midriff, blue patterns and a matching brown miniskirt. Gabrielle's hair is still tied back the same way as before, but changes color between blonde and a brunette-red tone in the later episodes. Gabrielle also carries her fighting staff with this costume. In a chronological error, the episode in which it debuts was aired prior to the episode where she is given the costume in several countries. In this episode, Gabrielle is still wearing the blue Amazon necklace, but discards it for the remainder of the season.

Gabrielle's third costume makes its debut at the beginning of season 2. It features a new, lighter brown miniskirt along with a woven, dark green sports bra with large diamond patterns (known to fans as the "BGSB", or Bilious Green Sports Bra). The boots remain the same as before. Her hair is left loose for the majority of the season, but is tied back similar to the previous costumes for the first few episodes. It is last seen in the second episode of season 3.

Gabrielle's fourth costume is a variant of the previous one. The miniskirt now has a more reddish tone to it, and the bra top is now smaller, lighter in color and features small leaf patterns as opposed to the diamond designs of the previous one (but could easily be mistaken for the previous version by the more casual viewer). Again the boots are also identical to before. It first appears in the third episode of season 3, and makes its final appearance in season 4.

Gabrielle's fifth costume makes its first appearance in season 4. Possessed by the demon Tataka, Gabrielle wears a bright yellow Indian two-piece along with an orange veil, and she goes barefoot during this season, though occasionally wears sandals. Throughout the episode she also wears pearls, but they are gone once Tataka is defeated.

In the following episode, Gabrielle's hair is cut by the chakram to chin length and she features elaborate Indian Henna body art, while in the next episode, she disposes of her fighting staff for good. The costume makes its last appearance before Gabrielle and Xena are crucified in loincloths.

Gabrielle's sixth costume makes its first appearance in the second episode of season 5. The warrior outfit consists of a threaded leather brown bra with beads hanging off the bottom, the back is exposed, except for 3 straps. She also wears a very small orange miniskirt, with a brown threaded belt matching her bra top with straps hanging off the middle at the front and back of the skirt.
Also included are brown armbands, silver gauntlets, a necklace and dark brown laced boots where Gabrielle keeps her new sai. When in colder climates, she wears a tan and white suede duster. Her hair, while still short, is longer than it was in the previous season, and the costume makes its final appearance in season 6.

Gabrielle's seventh and final regular costume is seen for the first time in the third episode of season 6, and is kept for the remainder of the show. The new bra top is nearly identical to the previous one, only now red in color with slightly different patterns and no longer has beads. Alongside is a new red miniskirt with a black and silver belt, a new necklace and a single silver band on her right arm. The boots and gauntlets remain untouched.

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