Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Teaser - After Jack

After Jack by Wendy Arthur

This new story is in production, and should be posted next week. It is the 10th installment in the After Montana Series. The entire series can be found on Wendy's After Montana page

Excerpt from After Jack 

As the car pulled slowly into their destination, Kate marveled at the strings of twinkly lights that hung between each post on the harbor and gently swayed in the breeze against a golden sunset. Rows of sparkling white yachts and motor boats lined the wooden walkway next to the entrance road. When CJ shifted the car into park, she turned off the engine and looked at her wife. “We’re here.”

“We sure are. It’s so beautiful! Is this a private marina?”

“Yeah… I know some people…” CJ winked.

“I can’t believe you planned all this.” Kate was overwhelmed. “I’m so lucky…”

“Nah… I’m the lucky one. Let’s go… there’s more.”

They started walking toward the jetty, not the building like Kate was expecting. “Uh, honey… are we going sailing in our evening wear?”

CJ giggled. “Kinda.” She stopped in front of a sleek, sixty foot motor yacht and opened her arms.

Kate walked into the embrace and hugged her wife close. “It’s huge! We’re going… on this?” she asked, squeezing CJ’s waist.

“Yes. Our crew awaits.”

“Oh no… you’re gonna tell Star Trek jokes all night, aren’t you?”

CJ laughed and led the actress onto the magnificent boat. They were greeted by a young gentleman wearing a black tuxedo who asked them to follow him. When they arrived on the aft deck, Kate spotted the table for two. It was draped in a red tablecloth and some of the finest dinnerware she had ever seen. A small vase sat in the center and two simple red roses stood proudly from it. Candles were lit around the deck which was partially sheltered by the level above but most of the area was open-air and the atmosphere was electric. Everything glimmered and reflected each ceiling light, and even the deck boards shone since they'd been polished within an inch of their lives. The actress was buzzing with excitement and CJ wasn’t managing to conceal her giddiness either, as was evident by the toothy grin that was permanently stuck on her face. Once they were seated, the waiter handed them their menus and left them to browse at their leisure.

“This is amazing, CJ. Thank you so much!”

“It was totally worth it just to see that smile,” the agent purred, taking Kate’s hand into hers. “I love you more with every passing day, Katie. Thank you for being my wife.”

The blonde successfully held back her tears… for now. “I love you too… so much. Like I said before… there are no words to explain how much you mean to me.”

“Happy Anniversary, baby. Here’s to us,” CJ said, raising one of the champagne-filled flutes.

“To us.” Kate took a sip of the bubbly liquid and her eyebrows shot up at how good it tasted. “Oh wow… this is great!”

“It sure is,” CJ agreed. “Looks like I’ll be persuaded to have a few tonight… I mean… it is a celebration, after all.”

Kate smiled widely. “Three years. Still glad you married me?”

“Oh hell, yes!”...

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