Friday, August 2, 2013

Second Generation by Littlespit

When life deals us a bad hand so many of us wish for a do over. But that’s not how life works. We have to play the hand we were dealt, and do the best we can with it. That‘s what Elise Covington and Angela Popodopolis did. They were childhood friends that knew early on they were soul mates, but they were too young to do anything about it.

When they were twelve years-old Angela’s father's job transfers him to Greece, and of course he takes his family with him. But the girls were determined to remain close. They swore to write every day and never forget what they meant to one another. And that was how things went with them for the next four years. Then, when they were sixteen years-old, something went wrong, and the letters stopped.

Eleven years later they find one another again through their daughters, and they both want to know one thing. . .why did their friendship end?

Second Generation by Littlespit - 41 pages  
A romantic tale of love and friendship rediscovered, and all by the grace of the gods and a second generation of an angelic, green-eyed blonde and her blue-eyed lonely dark haired new friend.

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