Friday, October 4, 2013

My 'Xena' Collection 5 by Phineas Redux

My 'Xena' Collection 5 More Covers, Videos, & DVD's

Here is my fifth compilation of the stash of ‘Xena’ material I’ve stored up over the years, like a particularly hungry squirrel. Here I present the last covers of my official ‘Xena’ magazines, as well as inside views to show their lay-out; some early video-tapes; and my later ‘Xena’ DVD’s.

So first up are the remaining official ‘Xena’ magazine covers—

Followed by inside lay-outs, from issue 16 March 2001 (the cover with Gabrielle in her dancing gear from ‘Who’s Ghurkan’),to show the character of the magazine—

Then come early box-sets of the video-tapes for series 5 & 6.—

And finally a selection of the inside covers from the DVD’s for series 5 & 6—

There you have it all. I’ve missed out the covers of numbers of videos & DVD’s for reasons of space & repetition; and, of course, there are the inside spreads from the 24 issues of the magazines which I own. I may show further examples of these at a later date, but for now that completes the collection archives of a typical ‘Xena’ aficionado.

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