Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What If Xena Was A Superhero?

If Xena was a superhero what type of superhero would she be? Would she be the type that was a mild-mannered office clerk by day, but at night donned a costume and a cape prowling the streets looking for thugs?

Would she be a saccharine sweet goody two shoes that wished everyone a good day and a happy life, living by a high moral code, and thwarted wrong at every step? Or would she be more like Hancock and stayed drunk all day, helped people reluctantly, and had a general disdain for mankind?

Would Xena have a sidekick, like Batman had Robin? Or would she be a loner like Spiderman? Would she have a firm grip on her powers like Superman or would she be a bumbling novice like the Greatest American Hero?

I think if Xena was a superhero she would be a mystery. You wouldn’t know what her motivation was. You wouldn’t know where she came from, and you would never be sure if she was on your side because she had a need to protect and serve, or if she was there kicking ass because she needed to let off steam and taking out the bad guy was the best way to do it without having to deal with the law.

She would wear a disguise much like the one above. It would be dark leather, and it would hide most of her face. All you would be able to see are those electric blue eyes. And you would wonder about her allegiance.

Superhero Xena wouldn’t have a sidekick, at least not in the beginning. She wouldn’t be the type to play well with others. Maybe as time moved on she would run across someone like her, and take on a protégée, but for the most part she would be the only super human around.

As for her powers, Superhero Xena would be able to do it all. Leap tall buildings in a single bound, deflect bullets, see through walls and bend steel. Would she have a weakness? I think she would have to. All superheroes must have their kryptonite.

What would be Super Xena’s kryptonite? Would it be an obscure mineral? Would it be radiation? Would it be a certain food? Or would it be something as simple as love? I don’t know, but what I do know is that is a show I would love to see. Xena: Superhero… I wonder what the theme song would be?

Story Recommendation:

Unbroken by J. A. Zollicoffer – 20 pages
Summary: Nadia is a superhero that doesn’t want the job. Cory is a fedora wearing blonde with a tough attitude. When they bump into each other on the street sparks fly, and truths are revealed.

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