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Xena Characters List



Xena: Played by Lucy Lawless and for two episodes, Hudson Leick, Played by Ted Raimi in two modern day episodes. Young version played by Renee Schuba: Xena, Warrior Princess, Conqueror  Destroyer of Nations, Slayer of Gods, Daughter of Cyrene and Atrius (or Ares), Mother of Solan and Eve, Soulmate of Gabrielle. Two brothers: Lyceus (Deceased) and Toris. Final death by Samurai. Appears in All 134 episodes


Gabrielle: Played by Renee O'Connor: Gabrielle, Battling Bard of Potidaea, Amazon princess/Queen, Daughter of Herodotus and Hecuba, Mother of Hope, Widow of Perdicus, Soulmate of Xena. One Sister: Lila. One adopted Amazon Sister by way of rite of Caste: Melosa. Appears in All 134 Episodes except Sin Trades part one.


Joxer: Played by Ted Raimi. Joxer The Mighty, Wanna Be Warrior, Husband of Meg, Father of Virgil. Madly in Love with Gabrielle. Last possessor of Argo. Murdered be Eve/Livia. Two brothers: Jett and Jace. Appears in 40 episodes. (Ted appears in 42 episodes, but only forty-one as Joxer, he appears as an unarmed guard in "Fates Collide" that could be Joxer.


Ares: Played by Kevin Smith (Deceased). Ares, God of War. Interested in Xena for both war and love aspects. Son of Zeus and Hera A survivor of the Twilight. ON screen Siblings include, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hercules, Hephaestus, numerous others in mythology. Appears in 31 one episodes on Xena. Also appears on Hercules.

Callisto: Played by Hudson Leick, Lucy Lawless for one episode, child version played by Rebecca Kopacka in "destiny." Callisto, Warrior Queen, murderer of Perdicus and numerous other, later an immortal, then a God, then an invincible spirit from hell, then a demon, then an Angel, soul of Eve. Unnamed sister and parents.

Appears in "Callisto, Return of Callisto, Intimate Stranger, Destiny (child version), Necessary Evil, Maternal Instincts, Bitter Suite, Sacrifice 1 &2, Ides of March, Fallen Angel, Seeds of Faith." 12 Episodes in total. Also appears on Hercules episodes, Surprise, Armageddon now 1 & 2.


Caesar: Played by Karl Urban. Caesar, General, Member of Triumvirate  and then eventually emperor of Rome. Conqueror of Gaul, Victor of the Roman Civil War, Lover of Xena, Traitor of Xena. Assassinated by Brutus and the Senate. Assassinated in "Fates Collide" by Alti. Has crucified Xena three times.

Appears in "Destiny, The Deliverer, Bitter Suite (as an apparition), When in Rome, A Good day, Endgame, Ides of March, When Fates Collide.


Aphrodite: Played by Alexandra Tydings: Aphrodite, Goddess of love, lover of men, Enemy of Discord, Friend of Gabrielle, Really hot, Survivor of the Twilight, Daughter of Zeus and Hera, Mother of Cupid, Grandmother of Bliss, Onscreen Siblings include, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Hercules, Hephaestus, among others.

Appears in "For him the bell tolls, The Quill is Mightier, Finns, Fems and Gems, If the shoe fits, Little problems, Punch Lines, Married with fishsticks, Motherhood, The God you Know, You are there, Many Happy Returns."

Borias: Played by Martin Csokas, Formerly in a relationship with Natasha that produced Balech, Lover of Xena, Invader of Chin, Invader of Corinth, Traitor of Evil Xena, Hero of the Centaurs, Father of Solan, Slain by Dagnine. Appeared as Balech in "Last of the Centaurs."

Appears in Debts 1 &2, Sin trades 1 &2, Past Imperfect, Last of the Centaurs, Friend in Need 1 & 2.


Ephiny: Played by Danielle Cormack,Member of the Greek Amazon nation, Trainer of Gabrielle, Assumed next in line of succession after Gabrielle, Regent Queen in Gabrielle's absence, Widower of Phantes of the Centaur Nation, Mother of Prince Xenon, Killed by Romans.

Appeared in Hercules episodes, Prodigal Sister, Sky High, Appeared in Xena episode, Hooves and Harlots, Doctor in the House, The Quest, Necessary Evil, Maternal Instinct, Bitter Suite, Endgame, Last of the Centaurs.


Autolycus: Played by Bruce Campbell, The King of Thieves  Trust friend of Xena and Hercules, Appeared in Xena episodes, Royal Couple of Thieves  The Quest, King of Assassins, Tsunami, Vanishing act, Tale of Two Muses, Key to the Kingdom, Takes one to Know one. Appears in Herc episodes, The King of Thieves (1st episode on either series) The End of the Beginning, Beanstalks and Bad Eggs, Men in Pink, Porkules, One Fowl Day, My Fair Cupcake, Genies and Grecians and geeks oh my, Just Passing through, Hercules Tramps and Thieves.


Cyrene: Played by Darien Tackle, Mother of Xena, Lyceus and Toris, Owner of a Tavern in Amphipolis, Grandmother of Eve, Killer of Atrius in defense of her daughter. Burned at the stake by the population of Amphipolis.

Appeared in Sins of the Past, Intimate Stranger, The Furies, Takes one to know one, Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire, Amphipolis under siege, The Haunting of Amphipolis.


Alti: Played by Claire Stansfield, Former member of the northern amazon nation, Sorceress and Shamaness, Placed a curse on Solan, Xena's destined opponent through out all history, Killed by Xena, Killed by the Darsham, Spirit was imprisoned by Xena, Destroyed in the "Fates Collide world" Killed by the clone of Xena. (She dies a lot)


Eli: Played by Timothy Omundson, A Devi/Avatar, Jesus look-a-like/wanna-be, Healer, Preacher of the way of love, Messenger of Twilight, Slain by Ares. Appears in, Devi, The Way, The Ides of March, Fallen Angel, Chakram, Seeds of Faith.


Velasca: Played by Melinda Clarke. Adopted daughter of Melosa, Slain Melosa in the royal challenge, Regent queen in Gabrielle's absence. Traitor to the Amazon Nation for her attempted murder of Gabrielle. Becomes God by way of Ambrosia. Desires to kill Ephiny, Gabrielle, then the Amazons and one day Artemis. Hurled into the lava lake with God Callisto. Remained in the lava lake even after Callisto was released. Appears in "The Quest, Necessary Evil"


Lao Ma: Played by Jacqueline Kim, Wife of Lao Tzu, Ruler by proxy of the Lao clan, Mother of Ming Tien, Pao Ssu, K'ao Hsin, Ghost writer of the book of wisdom of Lao Tzu, Executed by her own son Ming Tien. She believed the real peace could be achieved by stopping your will and hate. The power was only a by product and only to be used for good. She could be ruthless though. Not even Xena could defeat her. I doubt Alti could either. She tried to save Xena from her dark self. Appears in "The debts 1&2"


Amarice: Played by Jennifer Sky, Another victim of the shows killing off of the Amazons. She starts out bratty and stupid, she want's to be a warrior and his actually skilled. Dislikes Gabrielle immensely  Despises the way of love teaching. Eventually likes Gabby, She is not an Amazon, she lies about it. Later on Gabby makes her an amazon. Killed by the writers off screen. Death statement wrote in such a way to suggest that Gabby and Xena didn't really care about her. Bullshit. Appears in "Endgame, Ides of March, Fallen Angel, Chakram. Animal Attraction, Them bones them bones" Death references in "Lifeblood"


Lila: Played by Willa O'Neal. Daughter of Hecuba and Herodotus, Sister of Gabrielle, Mother of Sara, Wife of Lecter (never seen, dead) She at first supports Gabbys decision to go join Xena, and then later becomes bitter about it. She gets over it. Later Hope tries to kill her, During Xena and Gabrielle's 25 year ice sleep she marries and has one child. Appears in "Sins of the Past, Prodigal, Bitter Suite, Family Affair, Takes one to know one, Who's Gurkhan?"


Pompey: Played by Jeremy Callaghan: Member of the Triumvirate  Feuds with Caesar for control of Rome. Ultimately loses to him. He and Caesar both lost major in the episode a good day, but Pompey had less support so he wasn't able to recover as well. Started fighting Amazons in an attempt to sell them into slavery. Fought and lost a major battle with Queen Gabrielle in the episode Endgame. Beheaded by Xena. On Xena's advice, Brutus claims he killed Pompey. Appears in "When in Rome, A Good Day, Endgame"


Ming Tien: Played by Daniel Sing (adult) and Daniel Lim (child), Son of Ming Tzu, at first just an observer who is learning. After Xena, Cold and evil even as a child. Grows into the tyrannical ruler of Chin. One of the really great monsters of Xena: Warrior Princess. Executed his own mother which he is aware of. Killed by Xena with Lao Ma's hair broach  Appears as an Apparition in Bitter Suite, Returns in Back in the Bottle as a ghost along with his sister. Is returned to Chinese underworld by Xena using Lao Ma's power. Appears in "Debts 1 & 2, Bitter Suite, Back in the Bottle"


Brutus: Played by Grant Triplow, Darren Young, David Franklin. A possible son of Caesar in actual history but never proven. Best friend of Caesar, supports him from the beginning  In command of the Caesar side of the army in the battle that occur in the episode a good day. Head of the group of Caesar Romans that helped defeat Pompey in Endgame, sought and alliance with Gabrielle the Queen of the Amazons. Bothered by Caesars rejection of that. Betrays and kills Caesar in Ides of march as well as condemning Gabrielle to death on the cross. Tries to defeat Marc Antony in Egypt  believed responsible for the assassination of Cleopatra. Killed by Gabrielle. In the AU, When Fates Collide he is killed by Caesar in payback for taking part in the killing of Caesar in a previous life. Appears in "Destiny (Grant Triplow), When in Rome (Grant), A good day (Darren Young) Endgame (David Franklin from this point on) Ides of March, Antony and Cleopatra, When Fates Collide."  Probable appearance in "The Deliverer however his character is not officially listed in the credits.


Solari: Played by Jodie Dorday, A very popular Amazon who has about one line in her entire time on the show. She is loyal to Ephiny and Gabrielle, Appears in "The Quest and Necessary Evil"


Salmoneus: Played by Robert Trebor. Sal is a man who both seeks and knows how to make a profit. However he is a good man. He is the first person to see Good in Xena and helps bring her to the good side. Later on he helps Xena with a couple random events. Appears in Xena Episodes, "Black Wolf, Greater Good, Here she comes...Miss Amphipolis."


The Three Fates: Played by Micaela Daniel (Lachesis),Rebecca Kpacka (Clotho), Elizabeth Pendergrast (Atropos), Samantha Adriaanse (Clotho), Chloe Jordan (Lachesis), Leah Mizrahi (Clotho). The three fates, the control mans fates through the loom of fate. The cut the yarns when people die. Their taken captive by Caesar in when fates collide. Their loom is destroyed by Gabrielle ending their usefulness. Appears in "Remember Nothing, Sacrifice 1&2, God fearing child, looking death in the eye, When fates collide."


The Furies: Played by Asa Lindh (Alceto), Graciela Heredia (Megaera), Celi Foncesca (Tisiphone), Annmarie Dennis (Tisiphone), Smeta Chhotu (Megaera), godly strippers. The have the right to condemn men and women to various different punishments including madness and being hunted. After the Gods are killed they try to make Ares and Xena kill each other in order to clear the way for them to rule Olympus  Killed by Xena. Appears in "The furies, Motherhood, Coming home"


Draco: Played by Jay Laga'aia Warlord, keenly interested in Xena. Later under a spell that makes him fall in love with Gabrielle. Appears in "Sins of the Past, Comedy of Eros, and Lyre Lyre Hearts on fire."


Solan: Played by David Taylor and Nicko Vella. Son of Xena and Borias. Cursed before birth by Alti to never know his parents love. Born during the battle of Corinth on the day of his fathers death. Adopted by Kaleipus, did not in life know that Xena was his mother. Semi proficient with a staff, murdered by Hope. Helps cause Xena and Gabby to go to the land of Illusia where they work things out, Goes to Tartarus by choice so he can see his mother. Chooses the name Eve, goes to Elysia. Appears in "Orphan of War (David), Maternal Instincts (David), Bitter Suite (David), Past Imperfect (baby), God Fearing Child (Nicko)

 Kaleipus: Played by Paul Gittins. Centaur, probable head of the/a centaur nation. Fought against Xena at the battle of Corinth. Lost an eye due to Xena, adoptive father of Solan, the child of Xena. Murdered by Hope. Appears in "Orphan of War, Maternal Instincts"


Herodotus: Played by Geoff Snell, Father of Gabrielle and Lila, Husband of Hecuba, Citizen of Potidaea, Somewhat over-protective of his daughters, seen in the world of fan fiction as a bad father, and yet the show only shows him trying to act in their best interest as best as he can understand. Appears in "Sins of the Past", "Family Affair".


Hecuba: Played by Linda Jones and Lisa Crittendon, Mother of Gabrielle and Lila, Wife of Herodotus, Citizen of Potidaea, Kind of a back ground figure, believed to be very loving of her daughters and supportive of them. Traditional wife. Appears in "Sins of the Past, Family Affair."


Melosa: Played by the highly skilled Allison Bruce, Queen of the greek Amazons, Sister of Terreis, Assumed sister of Gabrielle by way of rite of caste, Strong, Powerful, Wise, Expert with Chobos. Vision troubles in right eye (as referenced in a comment about a right blindside) She was killed by Velasca between episodes. "Hooves and Harlots"


Terreis: Played by Rebekah Mercer, Amazon Princess of the greek amazons, Murdered by Celano (a soldier of Krykus) however her death was blamed on Phantes (Centaur prince) Every possession and every right Terreis possessed now belongs to Gabrielle. This rite notes that if Terreis had had a kid, then that kid would have become Gabrielle's as well, however that didn't happen. Her character is much like Gabrielle, "Hooves and Harlots".


Eponin: Played by Tanya Dignan, Another Amazon who dresses Gabrielle "Hooves and Harlots" It is rumored that the actress left show business after this role.

Tyldus the Great: Played by David Aston, Leader of the greek Centuars and someone who fought Xena at Corinth. Father of Phantes, Grandfather of Xenan. Still harbors much hostility for Xena. Distrusts the Amazons. Horseman of action. "Hooves and Harlots".


Phantes: Played by Colin Moy, Prince of the Greek Centaurs, Son of Tyldus, Husband of Ephiny, Father of Xenan. At first possess much hatred for the Amazons but he is quick to see a more accurate point of view. He met his wife for the first time in "Hooves and Harlots". Killed off screen the dogs belong to Minatoan soldiers. "Hooves and Harlots" Death is referred to in "Doctor in the house" but he does not appear.


Perdicus: Played by Scott Garrison and Anton Bently. The man all the subbers love to hate. Betrothed to Gabrielle in "Sins of the Past", but Gabby leaves. Fights at Troy, reconnects with Gabrielle, war ends, they go their separate ways. Fights in an unnamed war. Returns in "Return of Callisto", abandons fighting, marries Gabrielle. Callisto kills him. Appears in "Sins of the Past" (Anton Bently), "Greeks bearing Gifts" (Scott Garrison) and "Return of Callisto" (Scott Garrison).


Toris: Played by Joseph Kell. Brother of Xena, ran away from Amphipolis when everyone else fought. Resists all of Xena's good ideas. Insults Gabrielle. Gets captured. Appears on the episode "Death Mask."

Lyceus: Played by Aaron Devitt and Callum Gallagher. Son of Cyrene and Atrius. Brother of Xena and Toris. Killed in fighting to defend Amphipolis. In the Remember Nothing AU, Xena talked him out fighting and thus saved his life, but lost Cyrene. However he seems to greatly regret not fighting. He seems to have much of the same potential as Xena as a warrior. Appears in "Remember Nothing (Aaron) and Finns Fems and Gem (Callum)"


M'lila: Played by Ebonie smith. The woman who taught Xena the pinch and a few other things. She speaks only one English line. She is an Egyptian  kinda, and yet she is a Gallic slave, probably with gladiator training. Killed By Romans "Destiny". Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't the death of Lyceus, or Caesar's betrayal that pushed Xena over the edge. It was the death of M'Lila that turned Xena evil. 

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