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A Short Q&A With SX Meagher

                                                                             SX MEAGHER

1. Why did you start writing?
I was reading Xena fan fic, participating in the online community, and got the bug.

2. If you had to do it all over again would you still write?
Of course!

3. Once you’ve written a story do you ever sit down and read it for enjoyment?
I don't read my books once they've been published. I'd find hidden errors, and they'd drive me nuts!

4. How did you start writing Xena fan fiction?
I started to read it, got excited by the "come one, come all" vibe, and tried my hand at it.

5. Is your muse a constant companion, or does it abandon you for long periods of time?
I'm not really sure what a muse is. I don't think I have one, anyway. I write for a living, and you have to go to work even if you're not in the mood <s>.

6. How do you feel about sequels?
I feel pretty good about them. If the story begs for more detail, go for it. Of course, if the story continues just because the writer doesn't want to come up with a new set of characters, not so much.

7. Is writing a quiet thing for you, where there can't be any noise or conversation going on?
I'd prefer a quieter space, but I can work with more noise. I've written in airports, parks, coffee shops, etc.

8. Do you prefer to write/read romance, angst, horror etc, etc?
I write romance. I tend to read general fiction and non-fiction.

9. What usually sparks a story idea for you?
Many different things. Usually I see a situation that interests me, and I want to know more.

10. Where do your ideas come from?
Sometimes I consciously try to think of a situation that would be interesting. Other times, I happen upon something. For instance, I was on a ferry, headed for Cherry Grove, a mostly lesbian enclave on Fire Island, off NYC. The ferry driver that day was a woman. I wondered what it would be like to be a lesbian, having hundreds of woman board your ferry every day. I played with the idea for a while, and eventually wrote a book, called, "Cherry Grove."

11. What advice can you give to future writers?
Give writing a solid, serious try. If, after a few months, you're not hooked, give up. That sounds harsh, but you have to be very motivated to put in the hours required to produce good work. If you're not compelled to do it, you'll never finish.

12. What has the show Xena meant to you?
A lot! I met a bunch of great people, got to experience a huge crush, learned I was interested in writing, and eventually turned that interest into a career.

13. How do you feel about the way it ended?
I understood why TPTB wanted Xena to go out in a blaze of glory--for want of a better word. To them, she was an archetype more than a person, and they thought the only fitting way to take her out was to unleash massive damage onto her. To show she was so powerful and had such a tremendous life force. But I think they ignored the fact that people had a very personal relationship with her character. They didn't see her so much as archetype as friend/crush/icon/. IMO there were better ways to end the series. I could come up with a few just off the top of my head that I'm confident the fans would have preferred. But I believe TPTB were trying to do a good job and be faithful to the character. I just think they failed to understand what a betrayal the finale would be for so many.

14. How real are your characters to you?

15. Do your characters speak to you?
Not in the sense that we have conversations. But they're in the background all of the time, doing things that make me pay attention.

16. Are you in control of your story, or do the characters run the show?
I'd hope I am, given that I'm them, too <s>.

17. How would you feel about another writer giving one of your characters a cameo in their story?
Fine by me. That's happened a time or two. It'd be okay with me if someone wrote a whole story revolving around one or more of my characters. If someone else can bring them to life--go for it!

18. Has online writing changed your life in any way?
Yes. Online writing and the community surrounding it was a lot more fun than writing for a living. If I'd ever gotten into another show, I might have continued to write fan fic. But Xena was the only show I've been inordinately interested in.

19. Have you ever been stalked on the internet by an overzealous fan?
Of course not.

20. Which one of your online stories is your favorite?
The stories I wrote with Anne Brisk are my favorites. I would have dearly loved to have written a novel with her.

21. Do you have to do a lot of rewrites?
Yes! If someone doesn't, they're either able to function at a much higher-level than I am, or they're not doing their best.

22. Is there ever a point in your writing where you get stuck each and every time? How do you get out of it?
Not really. There are different problems with different books. At some point, you're always going to get stuck, but the spot varies for me.

23. Which part of the writing process do you enjoy the most and why?
I pretty much like all of it. Various parts appeal to different parts of my personality.

24. When you're working on a story are you obsessed with it until it's done?
Pretty much. If I could, I'd have everyone I know reading my daily output and giving me feedback. That would reduce my friends down to none, so that's just a dream <s>.

25. Who are your favorite top five writers? Online or published.
Jane Austin, Richard Ford, George Elliot, Henry James, Edith Wharton are all favorites. I have many more, and they change given the day.

26. The song says "Who rules the world? Girls." If that were true would the world be a better place?
Doubtful. People who want power and control tend to be unpleasantly similar.

27. Do you write a story straight through, or do you write in pieces, then put it all together.
I write scenes, but I tend to write them in chrono order.

28. Do you read books for pleasure while you are writing?
Sure. But that depends on where I am with a book. If I'm writing a first draft, I don't have time to read. I'm writing every chance I get. But when I'm editing, I can do both.

29. Do you have a favorite Greek God?

30. Have you created a character that you would like to meet?
Yes. All of them!

31. Do you have a pet peeve?
I have so many peeves I couldn't begin to think of a favorite <s>.

31. What do you see yourself doing in the future?
Exactly what I'm doing now.

32. What is your favorite word?

34. What is your least favorite word?

35. What turns you on?
I could go on all day, but I can't imagine who'd want to know!

36. What turns you off?
People who are rude, mean, uncaring, overly demanding, impolite.

37. What sound or noise do you love?
I love to hear my wife's voice when she's just waking up. She always sounds so happy to greet the day.

38. What sound or noise do you hate?
Dogs barking for long periods of time. I hate it when a dog is clearly distressed and is just left to his own devices.

39. What is your favorite curse word?
Ahh…so many! I curse like a stevedore!

40. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
I'm good with what I've got.

41. What profession would you absolutely not like to participate in?
Politics or dog-fighting. Close call <s>.

42. If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
"You should see the look on your face!"

Here are SX Meagher's favorite stories:

Cupid by SX Meagher and Anne Brisk - 35 pages
One day Emma brings home a puppy named Cupid to the house she shares with her longtime partner Kate. The dog brings a lot of changes into Emma and Kata's lives.

Entre Nous by SX Meagher and Anne Brisk - 9 pages
Eleanor is at dinner with a co-worker when she notices a table of young women, one of whom catches her eye. They begin to flirt as they each wonder about the other.

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