Friday, July 12, 2013

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart by Ali Vali

After I read this story about childhood friends reconnecting, I thought, “Hmm, if people hadn’t interfered with these two when they were teenagers they would have never been apart.”

There are many stories out there where young love turns sour, and the couple will go their separate ways, only to find one another again as adults and then make a go of it. In those stories it seems like the separation might have been for the best, ‘cause folks need to grow, change and live a little life before committing to one person forever. But I don’t see that with Harry and Desi, in my opinion they would have been just fine without the decades long break.

The story opens with Harry, now an orthopedic surgeon, evaluating the severely injured leg of her childhood sweetheart, Desi, whose brute of a husband has taken a baseball bat to her. That’s where the reunion begins. Along the way Desi finds out that Harry, real name Harrietta (I would have shortened it to Harry too), has never forgotten her, and Harry finds out that through the years Desi has had daily conversations with her lost love, missing her terribly.

But we all know that nothing good comes easy. Desi’s husband is in no way ready to let his wife go, and even with the threat of jail time hanging over his head he’s not giving up. Here is Desi’s opinion of her husband.

She knew Byron well enough to know he wouldn't walk away without a fight, literally. Byron understood only one thing. If he didn't like something he balled his fists and beat it until it either surrendered or died, and every threat he'd ever made was forefront in her mind.

Sounds like a real sweetheart doesn’t he? If you want to find out if Desi’s thoughts are accurate take some time out of your day and read How Do You Mend a Broken Heart, and its sequel, All it took was you (it‘s just as good). You won’t be disappointed. There is also a companion piece titled Belle Of The Mist. It’s a Halloween story.

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart
Do you remember your first love? Harry Basantes did. She remembered with vivid clarity the way young love could break your heart leaving you empty inside. Would seeing the object of her pain and desire sixteen years later drive Harry to forgiveness, or would it be her turn to walk away without explanations? Only one way to find out.

All It Took Was
You knew there had to be a sequel to How Do You Mend A Broken Heart, and here it is. Harry and Desi are busy building a life together after Byron and his family have been shipped off to the Angola State Penitentiary. The happy couple are expecting a baby and happy ever after, only in 'All It Took Was You' they get so much more.

Belle Of The Mist
Harry and Desi attend a Halloween party dressed as a notorious land pirate and the plantation wife who captures her.

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  1. Ali Vali is one of the best! If you haven't read anything that she's written I suggest you run out do so!