Thursday, July 25, 2013

Xena's Funeral Dirge

On the soundtrack the song is titled Burial. It was composed by Lucy Lawless & Joseph LoDuca. The Funeral song was written and sung by Lucy Lawless. It was first used and sung by Lucy in the episode The Path Not Taken. She actually did sing it in all of the episodes it was in, except for the episode Seeds Of Faith when she lip synced it because she was pregnant. Below are the lyrics.

Abu eh.. abu eh id ma 
Stria arlia ajam 
Toddo no rabam 
Naim na em na 
Em do... 

Abu eh... abu eh id ma 
Stria arlia ajam 
Toddo no rabam 
Naim na em na 
Travial em donia 
Xena Burial Lyrics
Ravel a da 

Em de et jadde 
Nam nah em...

Story Recommendation

Fiction by Ana Ortiz
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Xena and Gabrielle ever realized that they were not real, but were fictional characters that can be placed in any situation by anyone that decided to write a story? Well, Anna Ortiz did, and this is how she thought it would play out.


  1. I’ve never considered the fictional character self realizing! I thought this was a good story!

  2. Why couldn't she sing because she was pregnant? I guess it must be the baby putting pressure on her diaphragm. Some women still sing when they're pregnant though. I don't know.

    1. Lucy has said in commentary that it was because her brain was made of cotton wool due to the pregnancy and she just couldn’t manage it. :-)