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The CJ and Kate Chronicles by Wendy Arthur

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The CJ and Kate Chronicles by Wendy Arthur
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1) After the Storm
When Special Agent CJ Carson took a long overdue vacation into the Rocky Mountains, she never anticipated finding Kate Marshall, a strong, determined actress in the middle of a snowstorm. Lives thrown together in the strangest of ways, they fell in love, but CJ's worst nightmare just won't go away.

2) After the Honeymoon
Special Agent CJ Carson and Hollywood actress, Kate Marshall are back. After their wedding, everyday life takes over again and they find themselves a little more involved in an FBI case than they'd like to be. And just how far back does it go?

3) After Vermont
Life goes on for CJ and Kate as they continue on a blissful wedded journey. Work is busy for both actress and FBI agent. They are happy and together, supporting one another on the everyday path of business and pleasure. But life's path always has a bump or two. Doesn't it?

4) Aftermath
FBI Agent CJ Carson and successful actress, Kate Marshall-Carson's lives are busy as they approach the holiday season, each of them hoping for some time off. But as CJ deals with one of the worst cases of her career, Kate proves that she is strong in more ways than one.

5) After So Long
Dynamic duo, CJ and Kate, are better than ever. Good relationship, good jobs, good friends, good times. Not everyone is so lucky and when a fourteen year long case comes across CJ's desk, involving someone she loves, the agent decides that a little friendly meddling is in order and enlists her wife to help.

6) After The Damage Was Done
When another piece of the set collapses at the Olympian Studios, the police begin an investigation and CJ Carson's life is turned upside down. Will Kate's resilience and strength help them both make it through one of the worst weeks of their lives? Can CJ deal with her fear and her anger? Will the adoption run smoothly after the damage is done?

7) After The Last Time
Life is moving along for the newly enlarged Carson family. Adjusting to one another is a learning process for everyone, and so very worth the effort. But when a dangerous convict who was captured by the Specialist Serial Homicide Unit escapes custody, CJ takes some slightly drastic measures to protect her loved ones. Will it be enough

8) After They're Gone
"Work, work, work. There just aren't enough hours in the day. CJ is trying to keep her head above water and Kate is drowning in all kinds of stress, both of them still trying to cope on their own as the strain takes its toll. Is it time to re-evaluate life? Something's got to give."

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