Saturday, July 6, 2013

Uber or Original

Is there a difference between uber stories and original stories? The answer is yes. Uber stories are about Xena and Gabrielle’s souls being reincarnated into modern day bodies. Usually Xena will still be a dark brooding type and Gabrielle her loyal understanding helpmate. That’s how it used to be. But over the past few years the margins have been widened, and uber is considered any story posted in the fandom that has a tall brunette with piercing blue eyes and a short blonde with forest green eyes.

I like the change in definition because it gives writers more freedom to write about characters that may not have the baggage of a reincarnated Xena, and still be considered an extension of the Xena and Gabrielle experience. But, I must say that my opinion starts to waver when one of the characters fit’s the bill and the other one doesn’t.

For instance, in Radclyffe’s online version of Passion’s Bright Fury, the doctor, Saxon Sinclair is the typical Xena type. Tall, dark hair, blue eyes and moody, but her love interest, Jude Castle, a television producer who is following Sax around the hospital filming one of those Life in the ER type shows, is also tall, but she has curly red hair and green eyes. In other words, not Gabby.

So in my juvenile mind it kinda feels like Xena is cheating on Gabrielle. But Passion’s Fury is a good story even with only half of the dynamic duo being present, you should read it, and see what you think of the pairing, and Sax’s, umm. . .little sex problem.

Another story that comes to mind is Time Has No Meaning by Stone. Now this story doesn’t fall exactly into the “Only one of you looks like our girls“ category. This is more of a “You both kinda look like our girls if I squint really hard” category.

Danielle is a short, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Medical examiner that is transported back to the 1800s where she meets, tall, dark-haired, gray-eyed Jess. One of the reasons I liked the story is because of these two women’s close resemblance to X & G.

Does the close resemblance make this story a cheat in the Xenaverse? I don’t think so, but others might. Like I said, they look enough like X&G to keep me happy, but if you don’t want to take my word for it, read it for yourself. Jess is a southern gentleman, in a womanly sort of way, that is used to being obeyed, and in charge. Danielle is a cussin’, fussin’ spitfire from the future that challenges Jess at every turn, and frustrates the tall woman at every turn, even on their wedding day. What?! Did I say wedding day?! Yes, I did. You’ll have to read the story if you want to find out how that bizarre twist comes about.

Am I saying that every online alternative story that is posted to the Xena fandom, that features a tall dark woman and short blonde woman is Xena and Gabrielle?. . . YES! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

You see, that’s what happens when you’ve only suckled at the breast of the bards in the Xenaverse. You can't help but see Xena and Gabrielle in every character’s face. I’ve been ruined.

Passion's Bright Fury by Radclyffe - 139 pages
Saxon Sinclair, the broodingly secretive Chief of Trauma at a busy Manhattan hospital is less than pleased to learn that her new resident is going to be the subject of a documentary film. The arrival of Jude Castle, a fiery independent filmmaker, soon sets sparks flying as the two driven women clash both personally and professionally. On the battleground between life and death, passion strikes without warning.

Time Has No Meaning by Stone - 125 pages
Danielle Hamilton recognized that The Station and some of her old friends weren't exactly the same. But the raven-haired woman standing in front of her is definitely the woman pictured in the locket she'd been admiring just before everything went blank. Jess Blain didn't know who the woman was or how she had appeared, and until she did, she planned on keeping Danielle close. When the two have to pose as lovers to keep Danielle from being hanged, everyone questions the timing, since Jess Blain was recently accused of murdering the woman in her life. Add to this a civil war, a locket with a picture of a woman dressed in men's clothing, an undeniable desire and an unsolved mystery and enjoy the ride as past and present collide.

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