Monday, July 8, 2013

Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by B. Soiree

I’m conflicted about Fetchin’ Cousin Minnie. B. Soiree has written this western in a thick, hard to read southern dialect. The conflict comes in when I try to decide whether or not the story is a good one. I think it might be. Gaine Sargos is the law in a small town. She's on her way to get her cousin and bring her back to the farm for a visit. While riding the stagecoach, she meets a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued from her domineering father. Sounds good so far, right?

But, I get so caught up in trying to understand what Gaine is saying that I lose my focus on the actual story. It’s 415 pages of choppy, hard to read words. Well, that might be a bit misleading. It's not 415 pages of the hard dialect, it's just when Gaine speaks. I have lived in the south, and although the accents can be thick I’ve never known them to be unintelligible. Maybe the author was hearing a Cajun accent in her head, you know, like Justin when he used to say “I ga-run-tee”

Here is an example of Gain’s speech pattern:
"Ever 'n anon Ah be, Ah 'spose, but Ah done trained mahself ta know Ahm capable n' inventive n' Ah jest gits past it. See, bein' a'feared a' somethin' kin freeze ya jest when ya most needs ta act. So's Ah plan. Ah already done figured how we'd git out that thar stage winder right quick, n' how Ahd pull ya out with'n me, if'n we hadta git'n a hurry. Ah trah not ta give fear no moorin'."

Now that’s rough to decipher. As I said before, I’m not sure about the story, but I do like the characters. Gain is gallant and chivalrous. Meghan is loyal and loving. Give it a try, and see how you feel about it, and let me know.

Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by B. Soiree - 415 pages
On her way to retrieve her saucy Cousin Minnie in Sacramento and bring her back to her ranch, Gaine Sargos, Sheriff of Barden's Corner, meets a green-eyed stranger on the stagecoach who completely changes her life.

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  1. The story was pretty good, but like you said, it was kinda hard to figure out some of the words that the main character was saying.