Monday, July 1, 2013

At Michael's Feet by Doria

At Michael's Feet by Doria
I believe in the theory we all deserve second chances. The story starts at the end of Xena's Conqueror days, and before she meets Gabrielle. She saves the life of a mother and an unborn child, for no gain of her own. In doing so, she is killed. Xena is given a second chance to make up for all the evil she has done, but, the important thing is: The Arch Angel Michael has given Xena 3 life times to find her way. Why three lifetimes? Because Xena asked for that long. This is where the real story comes into play. . . .Doria

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  1. Hi Doria,
    I hope this is a working e-mail. I just finished reading your story, it was recommended on Xena Fan chat awhile ago. It was so very good. I loved it. By the end of your story I was reading it through my tears. It was so emotional.
    Thank you,
    so much,
    Nancy G.