Monday, July 1, 2013

Soul Searching by T. Novan & Advocate With Zoinks

                        The book cover can be found at Calli's Creations

Soul Searching by T. Novan & Advocate With Zoinks - 273 pages

In this version of the alternate universe of the conqueror, Gabrielle is a mature young woman that holds her own in a world that has no place for the weak. That’s one of traits that draws Xena to the weary and guarded barmaid she meets when she flees her castle looking for a bit of solace from a position that she has become disillusioned with.

The world-hardened Gabrielle has been living a life where she’s done whatever she’s had to do to keep herself and her young son safe from the soldiers that populate her small village. She is going about her usual routine of creating comfortable lodgings for the mysterious cloaked figure that arrives in the early light of day, when the hood of the cloak falls, and their eyes meet. It is in that moment that Gabrielle makes a decision that she hopes will change the lives of both her son and herself forever.

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