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Gabrielle's Journey: A Pictorial

I think Melissa Good's Journey of Soul Mates series is an excellent depiction of the many changes that Gabrielle faces on her road to becoming a woman in her own right. This series walks us down the path of Gabrielle's growth and maturity in a way that we've never seen before. It's long. . .very long, but well worth the time it will take to finish it. 

We see Gabrielle go from the farm girl that needs protecting, to the woman that can not only protect herself, but the family she has created with Xena. Along the way there are small skirmishes and huge battles to be fought, but the ladies always find their way home. That’s another plus about this series, not only do we take several journeys with the ladies out on the road, but we also get to spend an incredible amount of time with them at home, being very domestic.

But the most comforting element to this series is the love and devotion that these characters have for each other. Imagine two women being so much in love, and so deeply connected that it seems like their love is ordained by the universe. Now that’s inspiring! 

This version of Xena and Gabrielle takes everything that your heart told you you were seeing on the television screen and gives it a voice. Take some time to read these stories. You won’t regret it.

Journey of Soulmates by Melissa Good

1) A Warrior By Any Other Name 
Xena and Gabrielle make a new friend who leads them down a very unexpected path.

2) At a Distance 
Gabrielle is recalled to the Amazons, while Xena decides to spend some time at home. The separation proves... illuminating.

3) Home is Where the Heart Is 
Gabrielle's father sends for her - but all's not what it seems in Potadeia , and Xena decides to find out why.

4) Bound 
Xena and Gabrielle decide to pay their friend Jessan a visit, but as usual, unexpected things seem to happen. 

5) Winter's Ending 
Home at last, Xena and Gabrielle find that trouble follows them even there, as Amazons, Hercules, and some very unexpected guests liven up their winter.
6) The Longest Night 
Friends and relations gather in Amphipolis to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and a long-awaited joining.

7) Reflections from the Past 
Xena and Gabrielle while away the long winter days translating a set of old scrolls that hold a story strangely familiar to them.

8) Darkness Falls
The Rift behind them, Xena and Gabrielle start down the long road to reconciliation as they rebuild their lives.

9) Leap of Faith 
A delayed trading caravan draws Xena and Gabrielle's attention, with results neither of them expected.

10) Promises Kept 
Back on the road again, Xena and Gabrielle find that trouble is not about to leave them alone, as Xena recieves a summons from an old comrade at arms, reminding her of a favor owed.

11) Festival 
Xena and Gabrielle head for Amazon Country, to join them for the festival of Dionysus. It's supposed to be a nice, peaceful interlude, but as you know, Amazons + Gabrielle = TROUBLE.

12) Circle of Life 
After the bard's close call with Death, Gabrielle and Xena settle down at home in Amphipolis to await the birth of their child. But things never go quite as planned, and when Amazons, forest dwellers, and enemies are involved. 

13) Dark Comes the Morning 
Xena and Gabrielle have settled contentedly in Amphipolis , and are enjoying their new baby daughter, Doriana . Or are they? Life is, as Gabrielle well knows, a series of trade offs. To achieve one thing, you often have to give up something else. 

14) A Matter of Prid
Amphipolis has grown into a bustling trading center, with an increasing population and the troubles that come with success. One thing they don't have to worry about though, is being attacked. Everyone knows the Protector of Amphipolis , and no one wants to mess with her for a minute. Except her baby daughter, and a certain bard. Xena and Gabrielle decide to take a trip to Athens, to register Amphipolis ' concerns and have a little fun watching the pageantry and glamour of the Olympic Games. However, nothing is ever simple when Xena's involved, and soon the real fun begins. 

15) Champion
On the way home from Athens , Xena , Gabrielle, and their daughter Dori find themselves caught up in the lives of their old friends the forest dwellers. Xena has been summoned to take up the mantle of tribal champion, a title she won in a time before her world, and Gabrielle's so radically changed. Can she live up to the reputation that title demands? 

16) Giving Thanks
A short story of Xena, Gabrielle, and Dori on the road home.

17) One Wild Ride
Xena and Gabrielle are home in Amphipolis at last. Things have changed, and not all for the better, but before they have an opportunity to straighten it all out, the spring thaws threaten the new city they find on their return and Xena and Gabrielle find themselves on a wild ride into danger that promises an even more dangerous way back home.

18) A Queen's Tale
Xena and Gabrielle have eased back into life at home after their last harrowing adventure. Gabrielle has taken over running the Amazons, the Amazons have settled into their new home, and Xena's just chilling out and practicing her swordsmanship as she keeps an eye on little Dori. But as usual, the Fates are never content to leave them alone and soon enough trouble comes banging on the door and once again they have to decide whether to answer it, or this time, escape out the back window.

19) Body, Heart and Soul (ongoing)
Xena and Gabrielle have gotten used to the changes in their lives after their return from stopping the war between Athens and Sparta. Xena has started to expand her army and look for new allies in Thrace and Gabrielle is busy running her Amazon tribe while Ephiny gestates. Things are looking up - right?

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