Monday, July 1, 2013

Heart's Passage by Cate Swannell

Heart's Passage
Jo Madison is a yacht skipper in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. She has a dark and violent past she is trying to leave far behind her, and the last thing on her mind is love. But when Cadie Jones, long-time partner of a US senator, sails in to her life, her priorities change.
There's no rest for the formerly wicked, however, and Jo's past comes back to haunt her, throwing her and Cadie into mortal danger. Jo is forced to rely on skills and weapons she had thought long-buried and purposely forgotten, while Cadie struggles to balance her previous viewpoint of herself against her attraction to the mysterious woman.

                                                                      No Ocean Deep
This story is the sequel to Heart's Passage and continues to follow the story of Jo Madison and Cadie Jones. The pair are settling into their relationship and getting down to the hard work of resolving the loose ends of their respective lives. Jo must come to terms with the parents she ran away from as a teenager, an act which led to her life on the Sydney streets as a drug lord's enforcer. Cadie must deal with the consequences of leaving her ex-partner, Senator Naomi Silverberg. They travel to Jo's childhood home in western New South Wales where they become embroiled in a mystery involving a corrupt station manager and a flock of murdered sheep. At the same time Jo and her parents go through a cathartic reunion, helped by the love and support of her new girlfriend. Then, Jo is called to Sydney to testify against one of her old cronies and at the same time, Cadie must return to the United States before her visa expires. While Jo is occupied with the court case, and trying to find a legal way to join her lover in the US, Cadie becomes entrapped by Naomi's paranoia and intimidation. After a desperate phone call from Cadie's mother, Jo resolves to get to the US by whatever means and calls on some old acquaintances to get her into the country. Can she arrive at the senator's Chicago house in time to rescue Cadie and ensure Naomi will no longer bother them?

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