Monday, July 1, 2013

Renegade by Cheyne

What would you do if the mob was after you, and a friend offered to help you disappear? Would you take him up on his offer? Oh, wait, there’s one little problem. The only way to do this is to be the test subject for your friend’s time machine. Hmm, certain death at the hands of the thugs you’ve been paling around with, or be the guinea pig for your buddy’s sci-fi experiment? Well, Trace Sheridan chose to be a guinea pig, and by doing so, not only did she save her life, she saved her soul.

I liked this story, I liked the characters and I liked the world that Cheyne created. Trace and Rachel are written beautifully. The pace of the story is perfect, and the tidbits of information included within story is very informative. For instance, did you know that walnuts can make you sleepy? No? Then go read this story and you’ll find out a few other natural remedies for what ails you.

See Cheyne’s Q and A on this story here:

Renegade by Cheyne
What would you do if one minute you were in the 21st century and the next you were in the 19th? One day you're driving a Mustang and the next day you're riding one? Dirty cop Trace Sheridan faces this dilemma as she moves from a present day mob war to a range war over a hundred years in the past, not remembering how she got there. The year is 1879, when cattle barons, crooked lawmen, saloons, painted ladies, cowboys and Indians ruled the Wild West, and laws were only as strong as the gunman who upheld them. In Sagebrush, the town and the sheriff belong to the Cranes, who take what they want or bad things happen.
Trace finds this out firsthand when she ends up on the land of Rachel Young, a struggling ranch woman who won't give in to the merciless cattle baron and his obsessed son. For some unexplainable reason, Rachel trusts the enigmatic Trace who uses 21st century sensibilities to battle 19th century turmoil, while Trace is forced to keep the secret of her origin from the attractive and vulnerable Rachel. Renegade is a story of redemption in its purest form as Trace discovers what truly matters in life and how past really is prologue.

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